Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2016 was a very tough year

Hi... hi... I'm back baby...

Time really flies, it's going to be to be 1 1/2 years since I left this blog. I've forgotten I have a blog, till few days ago. Funny ya... So, I come back here again.

I missed writing my stories.. There are so many things to share. I don't know where to start.

Throughout 2016 had been a very, very tough year for me. I had very severe spasm (muscle pull) from my face till my toes.

From January till June my spasm began to start getting severe, but I could still managed myself. Praise God! I was able to go to Genting Highlands with my darling and friends. We went there 3 times within that 6 months. Though I had spasm throughout the trips, I still managed to handle myself. I enjoyed my time in Genting. 1. It was so cooling up there. 2, The feeling of excitement was within me when we were outside taking a walk. Hearing and seeing children and young people playing made me very happy inside my heart.

Everytime we went, there were lots of people with different religion. We enjoyed every moments while we there. I thank God despite I had my spasm, I enjoyed my trips.

To be continue....

Saturday, January 02, 2016

A tough life, but never give up

My baby, I have abandoned you again.

I feel this year has been terrible and miserable year. I feel so lost, unhappy, confuse, frustrated depress, useless. I really do not know what to do with life.What I know is I feel my heart is so down everyday throughout this ten months. It's so hard to put a smile on my face.There is no joy in my heart.

Everyday for past ten months, I keep searching for a job. I need a job and income to help my family. I also need it to occupied my time. Yet till today, I couldn't find one. I feel so useless

Early this year, I asked a disabled friend of mine, can the press help me to find a job? He told me I could have a try in writing in. I wrote in The Star and New Straits Times paper column page. I was happy that New Straits Time published my story, but no one approached me with an job. My story (article) was like a write up for public to read.  First failure.

In March, I try an online job - data key in. I paid the company in advance. The job scope was very interesting, After they send me the work, I did the work for two months. I kept emailing them, but received no reply from them. After two month, I didn't receive any payment from them. I knew then I was cheated. That was a lesson for me. Second failure,

I think of ways on how to find a decent job, yet i failed.

In July I made the final decision, I called the The Star paper office, the staff put my call with the chief of reporter. I told him i'm disabled who in need of a job. He  took  my  contact  number . Less than two hours , a reporter name Arnord called me. I was so happy he wanted to interview me. Within half an hour Arnord l and another camera man, named Gary interviewed me. I talked to them for more than half an hour. Gary took some pictures of Julie and myself.

I was surprised and happy that my story came out the next day, with a big article on it. I was happy and excited that a lady from KL emailed Ai Na (a friend of mine). Ms. Dee Dee from KL willing to offer me a job as a"Project Coordinate" and an accommadation. A kind hearted man (Jimmy) willing to offer me monthly cash for six month. I was really happy public respond to my pleaque.

The next day, my article came out again in a small column saying few people respond to my article. My email address was published in the paper.

Few people emailed me offering me job. a few from KL and one from Penang . Others' offered me donation. They banked into my account. I was really happy that week.

I thought good things is coming my way as I got job offers. Nevertheless the job and accommadation in KL didn't suit me as I need a helper, but we have difficulty finding one. Another job opening in Batu Maung, Penang. The problem is I don't have transport and the work is too long hours.

At last, my happiest turns into sadness. What I gain turn to nothing - back to square one.

What I wish, hope and plan wasn't God's will. God has His own plan for me.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter to God

My dear God, I'm writing this letter to you... I do not know what to do with my life. I don't know how to be happy. Everyday I try my best to think positive and be happy, yet I feel so empty in my heart. I thank you for all things you have done for me.

Dear God, you know everything about me even before I was born.
Thank you for giving me - a complete face, 2 eyes, a nose, a ear, a mouth to talk, hair, brain to think.
Thank you for giving me 2 hands and 2 feet with 10 fingers and 10 toes and a whole body.
Thank you for giving me a good and loving family.
Thank you for giving me food to eat everyday.
Thank you for giving me a home to live in.
Thank you for giving me a bed to sleep on
Thank for for so many, many things.

Dear God, you have provided me with everything, but why I cannot find happiness in my life?
I want to do so many, many things, but because the spasm I have in my life is the caused me 
to have difficulty to continue to improve.
Dear God, thank you that I had improve a lot in many ways. Thank you for giving me life till the age 44. The doctors says I can only live till my teenage ages, but You are greater than the doctors. Thank you so much that I had gone through so many difficult times yet I survived because You were always there to help me through. Thank you for all the good times too.

Life for me may not be easy, but because You are with me I can pull through. Dear God, thank you very much for your love for me.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life Goes On and On

My baby, I'm sorry for abandoning you for so long. Now I'm back here again. I can't believe I haven't been here for 1 1/2 years. I completely didn't have the mood to write. There was a lot of things troubling me. There were also other things I did which occupied my time.

10 months has passed without waiting for anyone. It's coming to year end again. What did I do for the past 10 months? Actually I have done many things and many things happened.

Since middle of last year, I have been writing many posts for our Disabled Access Penang.  My disabled friends and I wrote a lot of posts as we are fighting for the right of the disabled. We posted them in the Facebook. We send our posts to many disabled group in the facebook and we received many good responds. At that time, I felt good that I has accomplished something. But sadly we stopped writing as middle of this year because we have lost our ideas on what to write. But few of us still writing some posts.

I didn't know what to write so I stop writing till today, 25 January 2015.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My sister 25th Wedding Anniversary

Since beginning of this year I intend to share as much story as I can, but seems I fail to do it. But I will try update more stories of pictures.

Last Saturday (29/6/13) my eldest sister (Janice) celebrated he 25th Wedding Anniversary. We had church service for blessing. Then we adjourned for lunch at Mildlands Court Restaurant. We had an enjoyable  celebration.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

My latest cushion cover

This is the cross-stitch I have done few years ago. I kept it, but lately I asked a taylor to sew it for me into a pair of cushion cover.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Gone by the wind

In early March, I wrote to doctor Izmi, (head of Rehabilitation Department). I asked him to help me that I can be walk and also to be independent. Few days later, I received a called from his nurse saying they will arrange a date for me to meet him. 

I prayed and waited that doctor Izmi will be free to see me.  Two weeks ago, I received a call from the Rehab nurse to come as doctor wanted to see me.  This time I saw another Malay lady doctor. She told me doctor Izmi was attending some meeting. So she took over. We talked one to one as for more than an hour as there are no other patients’.

She told me the truth and fact. Because of my sickness, I cannot walk without someone helping me. If I insist to walk, I may fall down which may hurt my back. (I had a major operation on my spine) That is why I cannot fall down. I only can walk for a short distance as an excises.  Due to my left ankle which is bent, so I also cannot walk steadily.

She also told me that due to my spasm, I cannot be completely independent. I will always need someone to help. When I heard that, my heart sank slightly, but I still try my best to do whatever things I can do.

I have to face the real fact that I cannot walk independently and I totally cannot be independent.  The things I dreamt of have been vanish. This is God's will for me and I have to accept it.

If I’m given a chance either to walk or to be independent, I would prefer to be independent. Because I can do anything I want without waiting for someone help and go anywhere I like.